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THE BEST Ski-Doo SkiDoo Elan Olimpique Snowmobile Shop Manual

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This is a professional downloadable manual 
Please contact me with any questions or problems, I'm here to help. 
I have the professional version of the full service manual that covers the following 1970 - 1979 Ski-Doo snowmobile series available for download: 
Blizzard 5500 
Blizzard 6500 
Blizzard 7500 
Blizzard 9500 
Citation 300 
Elan 250 
Elan 250SS 
Elan 300SS 
Elan 250 Twin 
Elan 250 Twin Deluxe 
Everest 340 
Everest 340E 
Everest 440 
Everest 440E 
Everest 444 
Olimpique 300 
Olimpique 300T 
Olimpique 335 
Olimpique 340 
Olimpique 340E 
Olimpique 399 
Olimpique 440 
TNT F/A, R/V, 440, R/V 340, 294, 300, 292 single 
Unlike the other sellers, my manuals have a clickable index so you don't have to dig through hundreds of pages looking for what you need. 
This manual contains hundreds of pages packed with photos, exploded views, & diagrams including : 
General Information 
Maintenance & Adjustments 
Engine & Transmission 
Fuel System 
Cooling System 
Chassis & Brakes 
Electrical System 
Wiring Diagrams 
Service Information 
Technical Specifications 
Troubleshooting & Repair 
Wiring Diagrams 
This repair manual can save you money on maintenance and repair. Step-by-step procedures and detailed illustrations guide you almost anything task you would ever need to perform on your unit. 
This manual was professionally set up with an easy to use menu in PDF format. This manual is fully printable, you can print 1 page, 1 chapter, or the whole thing. Most of my customers just print & put it is a 3-ring binder, if you get a page greasy, just print a new one. 
I have permanently embedded my logo using 256 bit encryption on every page so other sellers cannot steal my items, this will not interfere with any text or pictures in the manual. This manual also contains extensive copy protection. 
Why spend $70+ per hour labor at your local dealer when you can do it yourself, most maintenance is easier than you think. If you save just 20 minutes of labor from your local dealer you have paid for the manual. 
Once you have downloaded your manual you may back it up to a CD/DVD or any other method you would like. 
You cannot back up many of my competitors manuals; You run the risk of losing the data and having to re-buy the manual. 
All of my manuals are make, model or year specific, not vague generic manuals like many available.
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