Q: Why should I prefer repairing on my own over workshop repair?
A: Workshop repairs can drain your pocketbook real fast. You can never be 100% sure what the mechanic exactly did to repair your vehicle. He might’ve brought minutest changes, but hand over a long bill which is probably worth gold! And you also you can’t deny that you have to wait long hours to get the vehicle back like it was. And even after mechanic repair, there are always chances of you not being satisfied. But let us break the good news too. You can do a wide range of repairs yourself, regardless of your technical skill. We're not just talking oil changes; provided you can hold a wrench, you can fix everything ranging from fuel filters to alternators. For DIY repairs, your computer is your friend.

Q: I’m not confident in repairing on my own. How will I ever do it?
A: The biggest hurdle in convincing someone they can handle car repair is the fear factor, but here's the thing: It's actually pretty hard to permanently screw up a car. You might break something temporarily, or a fix might not work in the long run, but you probably won't set yourself or your machine on fire just because you banged too hard on a valve. Vehicles are resilient machines and regardless of the year or make. Haven’t you noticed majority of the times you can feel it intuitively that something is wrong. See? You’re one step ahead already.
There are plenty of repairs even the clumsiest and technically challenged can handle; provided they have the confidence to push through. Beyond doubt, it’s not rocket science at all!

Q: Why should I choose Reliable Store?
A: Reliable Store is the youngest leader in the industry of vehicle service and repair manuals. Within a time span of just 11 years, we have very conveniently managed to raise our customer count up to 9000 per year, making our rivals green with envy. And all this expansion owes to our beloved customers who have time and again praised our product and service. We got manuals over 25000 models of all the brands that you could name!
Exclusively for the ease of our customers, we have made our manuals in the way that is perfect to treat to any enthusiastic beginner who is looking forward to become a pro at this. Customer
satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we can go a looong way to meet our priorities!!

Q: How did the idea come about?
A:  For starters, Reliable Store is completely reliable for repairing solutions! Workshop repairs are a thing of past now. Any person in the world would rather look up to internet for solution to any problem in the world. For a fact, people would look up for home-based solutions to most expensive or long effect causing problems. But you do realize the presence of a lot of misleading links and also inappropriate repair manuals. So we came up with this idea to serve the best repair manuals that contain clear-cut solutions to service, repair, maintain, refurbish, and assemble your precious machinery and vehicle.

Q: How do I find correct manual for my vehicle?
A: Yea, that’s a pretty witty question that hit your mind! We understand that it impossible to search for a specific model from such a large range of manuals. Thus there’s a ubiquitously present search box where you just have to start typing and all related topics pop up for an easy click. Plus we got a Plan B as well where you can contact “Rebecca” through a small chat box on the lower left corner of the screen. A Plan C, you can go to our homepage and select your brand and browse for all the manuals for that brand. And wait, there’s a Plan D, a 24x7 customer help service for instant assistance.

Q: Is Reliable Store physically present?
A: YES. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The store is open 24x7. So be it any time of the day when your vehicle betrays, we’re here. You can locate the store easily by accessing the Contact Us option down below.

Order and sales related

Q: What is your sale policy?
A: First of all, we DO NOT charge or impose any sales tax on any kind of sale, so you can relax on that. Additionally beneficial is that we happily offer quantity discounts. Just contact a representative for a free quote. Even more attractive is our “100% satisfaction or money back” guarantee, so if our product doesn’t get you devotedly engaged in the repairing scene, you get your money back.

Q: Do I get anything for buying more than once from Reliable Store?
A: That’s the best thing about Reliable Store. The more often you buy, the better deal you get!!

Q: How do you set your price constraints?
A: We’re here the only repair manual provide that are openly exposing our price strategy. Undoubtedly, we offer you best manuals at lowest prices. And if you ever find a price lower than what we offer, convey it to us and see how we match it.

Q: What is your Return Policy?
A: We take great pride in ourselves and our products; therefore customer satisfaction is our number one concern.  We urge customers to double check their orders before check out but when necessary we do have a 60 day worry free money back return policy on all products.

Q: Can I place my order telephonically?
A: Of course! Our friendly staff is more than happy to answer any questions you may have and assist in placing orders. Just message us your phone number and name from the "need assistance" sign in left bottom of our site, or Contact us and one of our knowledgeable representatives will call you back. That’s all you got to do.

Q: Is my payment going to be safe and secure?
A: We are always taking extra precautions to assure our sites are 100% secure. Our e-commerce website is tested daily by McAfee Secure to ensure it is 100% safe for you. All the transactions are processed through Paypal, which is world's No.1 trusted and secured payment method. We also accept all Credit/Debit Cards.

Q: Can I purchase a gift certificate for your stores? 
A: You bet! With such a vast selection of unique and quality products we understand it might be difficult to pinpoint that special item for the perfect gift. Contact a representative today to purchase a store gift certificate for any amount.