profit! UNIVERSAL Forex EA robot (Expert Advisor

profit! UNIVERSAL Forex EA robot (Expert Advisor

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profit! UNIVERSAL Forex EA robot (Expert Advisor 

This is a universal Expert Advisor for trading with any currency pair or securities on Forex. Expert Advisor is distinguished by stable income and may trade at any time interval. 

Operating principle is based on Martingale system (When the price goes against it, in a certain period of time depending on the settings it makes one more transaction with an increased lot size and pushes the general take profit to the non-loss making level). 

Stable income more than 1200 for the 1st year (verified). 

A bit risky are unpredictable price flare-ups at 500-2000 and more points in the wrong direction, what may happen at economic crash of the country, war, major terroristic acts, etc. But this happens rarely (once in 2 years). One may learn about this from TV beforehand and suspend the work of the advisor for a week or less. 

Expert Advisor is fully optimized and ready to work. 

Expert Advisor earns 300$ per month from deposit and 1500$ by lot=0.01. 

With further increase of the lot size Expert Advisor will earn more and more. 

I do not recommend to trade prior to big news. 

I wish everybody Good luck! 


Period: 5M 

Profit: 200, 78$ 

Maximal Drawdown: 2,5  Please email at and we will provide you with the any manual you need right away. We are constantly updating the site with new stock but we have much more than available in the website.