M1/M5 Scalping Signal Upgraded for new MT4-Build 600

M1/M5 Scalping Signal Upgraded for new MT4-Build 600

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Enjoy Forex Trading

with this awesome Forex Scalping Indicator
M1/M5 Scalping Signal Indicator -
(Upgraded for new MT4-Build 600 Platform)

This is one of the best Forex Indicator system available for MetaTrader-4

Powered by the most advanced, adaptive, and profitable scalping

(turning-point detection) algorithms on the market,

using RSI, MACD and Moving Average Strategies.

Specifically developed to identify and trade turning-points, swings, and retracements.

Very simple to use: drop it onto a chart and receive signals, then go for profitable trading.

Scalping is a short term trading strategy that allows traders to make

good use of the leverage that is available in the FX market. Scalpers look to make very quick

small profits while exposing their accounts to the possibility of small losses.

When they find a profitable trend, they go for more than one trade in a short period of time and by increasing

the Volume Size they can get the most out of that trend. You know that, increasing the volume size is very risky.

That is where this Indicator comes into action to identify strong trends

I wont say that this system is 90 profitable as most of others do, but it is well optimized to minimize

emotional human factors which leads to loosing trades.

This set-up will suit for Scalpers and Short Term Day Traders .

The most important I should mention that it will be suitable for beginners and for veterans too.

This system is not an EA, it is for manual trading only.

This is what you will get in this package:

- Step by step User Guide (pdf)

- The software itself

- The software in action screenshots

- and Sample trades