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Infinity IT-8100 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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The newly-released, sleek-looking Infinity IT-8100 offers a large number of unique features at an affordable, mid-range price. Features include Zero Gravity relaxation therapy, a thorough foot roller massage, 28 airbags spread throughout the chair, lower back heat, six auto programs, a computer body scan to customize the massage for your body, and more.

Quick Product Details:

  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair: Positions the legs above the heart and evenly distributes the user’s weight. Relieves pressure on the spine, relaxes the neck and back, increases circulation and blood oxygen levels, and expands lung capacity
  • Computer Body Scan: Automatically detects the whole body curve and makes micro adjustments as needed to give you a customized, humanistic massage
  • Six Auto Programs: Extent, Relax, Recovery, Refresh, and two more programs that exclusively target either the upper or lower back
  • Five Massage Combination Programs: Kneading, Tapping, Pummel, Shiatsu and Wavelet (synchronized kneading & tapping)
  • Foot Rollers: The IT-8100 uses reflexology technology to activate pressure points to massage the soles of the user’s feet. The two foot rollers massage and soothe sore and tired feet and stimulates circulation
  • 28 Airbags: Air pressure massages for the head and neck, arms, buttocks and hips, and the feet
  • Lumbar/Lower Back Heat Therapy: Lower back heat therapy provides relief to those


Suggested User Height 5’0 – 6’5 ft.
Suggested Max. User Weight 330 lbs.
Power Consumption 200 Watts
Weight Product net weight: 229 lbs.
Roller Stroke 29 inches
Number of Airbags 28
Timer Settings 20 minutes
Product Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth) Approx. Upright: 45″ x 34″ x 50″
Approx. Reclined: 25″ x 33″ x 70″
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