Divine Hot Tubs Deluxe Ultra Massage 115-jet, 7-person Spa

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Divine Hot Tubs Deluxe Ultra Massage 115-jet, 7-person Spa

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Ultra Massage 115-Jet, 7-Person Spa
Our 115-Jet spa is the superior hot tub for hydrotherapy massage! Relax, rejuvenate and enjoy a full body hydrotherapy massage in the ergonomical full body massage lounger or in one of the comfort captain or first mate chairs. Divine jet therapy puts you in control. Every one of our jets are fully adjustable, you control the water volume flow along with the injection of millions of air bubbles to caress your entire body. Our Selection Valve lets you customize your massage by diverting water flow volume between jet zones. Every jet selected is strategically placed right where you need it the most to melt away every ache and pain.Soothe your spirit with our 100 points of multi-colored LED Divine Mood Lighting located in 75 of our 115 jets, pillows, waterfall fountain arches, controls and cabinet exterior – a standard feature throughout! Turn up the heat, start the pumps and turn on the mood lighting from any mobile device, from anywhere in the world with the built-in Wi-Fi module. Our wireless audio system lets you stream and enjoy listening to your mobile digital music files using Bluetooth technology. With plenty of room for seven people plus a cool down seating area, you can stretch out and unwind with family and friends.
Cabinet & Shell Style Choices:
  • Color Choice: Brown cabinet paired with Sterling Silver acrylic shell. Sterling Silver is a white acrylic with luxurious silver and gray marbling highlights.
  • Color Choice: Gray cabinet paired with Cobalt acrylic shell. Cobalt is a beautiful deep blue luster acrylic with a shimmering reflective iridescent luminance.
  • Cabinet: Premium unibody cabinet is a polyurethane frame and exterior siding molded together as a unit for one of the strongest cabinet systems in the industry. This beautiful cabinet has the look of craftsman wood detailing with all weather/all temperature and impact resistant durability. Our maintenance-free cabinetry has 16 multi-colored LED mood lighting sconces to illuminate your path and create a soothing spa experience.
  • Insulated Hardcover (R-18 value): Our fully insulated hardcovers are tapered from 5” in the middle to 3” on the ends to assist with rain and snow drainage. The insulation rating is R-18 value. Our covers are made with virgin foam cores, marine grade vinyl and full-length heat seal gaskets. Our sturdy handle provides easy lifting. Child safety locks are standard. UL classification for ASTM Safety.
  • Matching Steps: Weather-resistant durable UV protected polypropylene provides easy and safe access into your hot tub. The color of the two-tier steps is complementary to the color of our hot tub.
Therapy and Sanitation Features:
  • 115 Jets: Our spa features 115-therapy jets for the ultimate hydrotherapy massage! All jets are fully adjustable for water flow volume. Jets of the same size are also interchangeable so you can customize therapy to your specific needs.
  • Comfort-Flow Diverter Valve: Puts you in control to divert and increase the water flow volume in three of the middle seating stations from the foot well leg jets to the seating area – providing a deep tissue or a relaxing
  • hydrotherapy massage.
  • Air Controls: 4 to control the injection of millions of air bubbles to caress your entire body for the perfect massage.
  • Waters Choice Enzyme Sanitation: Waters Choice is a safe, non-toxic alternative water treatment that uses natural enzymes. Now you can eliminate the chlorine smell and dry skin caused by harsh chemicals. In addition, maintenance for water testing and changing your water is reduced by 50% – 75%. This one bottle spa treatment will help to keep your water clean for six months. By reducing or eliminating chlorine, your spa equipment will last longer.
  • Ozone: Our ozonator produces ozone (O3), which is active oxygen that attacks bacteria to further sanitize spa water.
  • Filters and Circulation Pump: Our silent circulation pump circulates 100% of the water several times a day through the filter cartridges. Our cartridge is top loading to eliminate dirt and oils from entering the water. Filtering area: 100 square feet.
  • Water Features: 3 fully adjustable deluxe European waterfall fountain arches that are illuminated by multi-colored mood lighting.
  • Built-in Bluetooth Sound System: Enjoy our wireless Bluetooth sound system. This system includes 2 flush-mounted speakers, 2 tweeters and a powered subwoofer.
  • Wi-Fi Module: Control your spa from anywhere in the world, from any mobile device with our built-in Wi-Fi module. Yes, you can control your hot tub from your computer, smart phone or smart tablet using any Wi-Fi hotspot or 3G/4G data network. Turn up the heat, start the pumps and turn on the mood lighting to get your hot tub all ready to enjoy before you get home. Includes 3-years of Cloud remote access*. *You will receive a notification approximately 45 days prior to the end of the expiration of your Cloud access with instructions on how to renew.
  • Multi-Colored Mood Lighting: 100 points of multi-colored LED Divine Mood Lighting located in 75 of our 115 jets, pillows, waterfall arches, controls and cabinet exterior – a standard feature throughout. Our lighting is fully programmable to transition between seven beautiful colors or leave on your favorite color.
  • Headrests: 3 Ergonomic comfort pillows (gray) with digitally lighted logo inserts.


  • Seating: For 7+ in comfortable ergonomic seating including a full body lounge, captain and first mate chairs with leg therapy jets and a cool down seating area.
  • Jet Count: 115 stainless steel all hydrotherapy water massage jets (not air jets) (75 jets include multi-colored LED mood lighting), fully adjustable to target body pressure points: 52 Leg/Elbow/Wrist Jets: fixed flow (2.25”), 54 Shoulder/Back/Hip Jets: adjustable / directional flow (3.25”), 3 Back/Spine/Shoulder Jets: with 14 massage flow nozzles / interchangeable / fixed flow (5.25”), 3 Back/Shoulder Jets: interchangeable / adjustable / single nozzle power rotating flow (5.25”), 3 Lower Back/Spine Jets: interchangeable / dual nozzle power rotating flow (5.25”).
Design and Construction:
  • Insulation: Thermal EPS reflective rigid insulation panels (R-20 value) and CEC Certified for energy efficiency, all cabinets are equipped with removable full-access panels for maintenance (unlike full spray foam spas).
  • Shell & Structure: Quadruple-layered ABS backed acrylic with clear acrylic topcoat and reinforced with Eco-Spray with expanded metal in high traffic areas. Our PVC structural column supports will not rot, mold or otherwise breakdown like others that use metal or wooden supports.
  • Insulated Floor Foundation System: Recycled ABS formed plastic base foundation with thermal EPS insulation to insulate the spa, raise it off the ground to prevent the heat-sink effect associated with flat bottom spas, provide air circulation under the spa to protect the spa from moisture, bugs, rodents and other negative influences.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Dimensions: 92.5” x 92.5” x 39.5” (235x235x100.33 cm)
  • 4 Pumps: 3 – 4.0 continuous duty hp single speed pumps (3 – 5.0 break hp single speed pumps); 1 – high flow silent circulation pump for 24/7 water sanitation and enhanced water clarity.
  • Weight Dry / Filled: 960 lbs. (435 kg) / 4350 lbs. (1973 kg)
  • Water Capacity: 440 gallons (1666 liters)


  • Electrical Requirements: 240 volt (U.S./Canada)
  • Electrical Req. amp/breaker: 50 amp GFCI (U.S./Canada)
  • Titanium Heater: Our 100% Titanium, energy efficient and state-of-the art heaters are the ultimate for strength and durability. On average, Titanium elements last 3 times longer than conventional elements in aggressive water. Titanium has a much lower thermal expansion rate compared to element sheath.


  • 5 year structural (shell surface, cabinet integrity*, pillar supports and floor base)
  • 2 year plumbing and equipment
  • 2 year on authorized labor
  • 1 year on insulated hardcover