Diagnostic Information for Caterpillar Electronic Control

Diagnostic Information for Caterpillar Electronic Control

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Diagnostic Code Information for Caterpillar Electronic

{1901, 1927, 1948, 3168, 4348, 4802, 4808, 4810, 5511,
5701, 7490, 7494, 7601, 7602, 7610, 7610, 7610}
SMCS - 1901-II ; 1927-II ; 1948-II ; 3168-II ; 4348-II ; 4802-II ; 4808-II ; 4810-II ; 5511-II ; 5701-
II ; 7490-II ; 7494-II ; 7601-II ; 7602-II ; 7610-II

Articulated Truck: All 
Backhoe Loader: All  
Landfill Compactor: All 
Soil Compactor: All 
Excavator: All 
Integrated Toolcarrier: All 
Load Haul Dump: All 
Motor Grader: All 
Off-Highway Truck/Tractor: All 
Pipelayer: All 
Road Reclaimer/Soil Stabilizer: All 
Skid Steer Loader: All 
Telehandler: All 
Track-Type Loader: All 
Track-Type Tractor: All 
Underground Articulated Truck: All 
Wheel Loader: All 
Wheel Skidder: All 
Wheel Tractor-Scraper: All 
Asphalt Paver: All 
Challenger: All 
Cold Planer: All 
Compact Wheel Loader: ALL 
Earthmoving Compactor: All 
Forest Products: All 
Paving Compactor: All 
Track-Type Skidder: All 
 Wheel Dozer: All 
Engine:Commercial All Diesel 
Engine:Truck All 
Machine Engines: All 

Diagnostic Code Information for Caterpillar Electronic Controls

Before the repair technique is necessary to find the cause. 
Diagnostic system will help determine fault. 
Diagnostic system provides the code that corresponds to a specific site or fault details. 
Fault codes for some types of Caterpillar equipment.

The diagnostic code information that follows is utilized by Caterpillar machines that are equipped
with Caterpillar electronic controls.
Component identifiers, failure mode identifiers, and module identifiers are pieces of information
that assist service personnel in diagnosing system problems of the machine.

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