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Case Ih Farmall F-20 Tractor Parts And Owner'S Manual

Case Ih Farmall F-20 Tractor Parts And Owner'S Manual

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Case Ih Farmall F-20 Tractor Parts And Owner'S Manual

This set of IH Farmall F-20 Tractor Instruction Manual & Illustrated Parts Catalog -2- Manuals - includes instructions to maintain and service your tractor using detailed diagrams and manufacturers specifications. All types of F-20s are covered including Regular, Narrow Tread and Fairway tractors.

1- IH Farmall Model F-20 Instruction Owners Manual
2- IH Farmall Model F-20 Parts Manual Catalog

* LANGUAGE: English
* FORMAT: pdf

Fully Bookmarked chapters for easy navigation allowing you to identify the service repair procedures in the quickest time possible.

Detailed illustrations, exploded diagrams, drawings and photos guide you through the service repair procedures.

1- The IH Farmall McCormick-Deering Model F-20 Tractor Instruction Owners Operators Manual -
It is the same exact manual received when the tractor was new. It covers all aspects of your tractor.


Some of the subjects covered are: Maintenance Procedures, Lubrication, Special Attachments, Specifications and Operating your Tractor.

Special Precautions with a New Tractor
Ordering Repairs
Preparations for Starting
Adjusting Radiator Curtain
Alemite "Push Type" Lubrication System
Filling the Compressor
Instructions for Lubricating
Care of Oil Filter and Element
Air Filtering System
Ignition System
Water System
Power Take-Off
Countershaft Brake
Instructions for Care & Operation in Cold Weather
Corrective Measures
- Belt Pulley - Replacing Shaft Packing
- Countershaft Brake - Adjusting For Wear
- Engine
- Fan Belt - Removing Or Replacing
- Front Wheels
- Rear Wheels
- Transmission - Replacing Shaft Packing

2- The IH Farmall McCormick-Deering Model F-20 Tractor Illustrated Parts Catalog Manual (IPC) - It contains a complete list of parts for your tractor it is also an excellent source of information for reassembling your tractor.


This Parts Catalog outlines EVERY part on your Farmall F-20 tractors.
Complete with exploded views, diagrams, part numbers, and part descriptions.

- There are parts grouped according to the location on the tractor.

- Each group shows an "exploded view" which clearly illustrates each part in its correct relation to other parts in the illustration.

- You need a parts catalog, it saves you time, money and helps you be more informed when ordering parts.

Categorized into groups such as:
- Engine
- Wheels
- Fuel System

The manual also includes a numerical index of all the part numbers.

These easy to follow manuals are ideal for the Do-it-Yourself restorer or tractor mechanic.

They are easy to read PDF files.

These Manuals can be viewed on any computer, as well as zoomed and printed.

There are lots of pictures, diagrams, illustrations and charts.

These manuals are great for tune-ups & regular maintenance.

Technical details and step-by-step instructions you will need are included.
This is Workshop Service Repair Manual for Case Ih Farmall F-20 Tractor Manual and this is the exact same manual used by Technicians at the dealerships to Maintain, Service, Diagnose and Repair your vehicle.
Not just a generic repair information like most of sellers online!

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Our workshop repair service manual will cover each and every part of the vehicle from bumper to bumper.
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It has tons of pictures and diagrams at your fingertips.
It covers each and every part of the vehicle not just engine or some basic parts.
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This Manual contains everything you will need to repair, maintain, rebuild, refurbish or restore your Case Ih Farmall F-20 Tractor .This is the full quality workshop manual in PDF format not a poor scan of paper manual.
It is exact same manual used by technicians at the dealerships to maintain, service, diagnose and repair your vehicle.

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You will surely enjoy browsing through the pages of workshop manual and learn how to repair the different parts. It will make you up-to-date and give lot of valuable knowledge about your Case Ih Farmall F-20 Tractor .
you don't have to rely on your mechanic for the simplest repair.You can do it at the comfort of your garage.This service manual will never get dirty and rip as you can keep it safely in your PC and print the pages you need in matter of seconds.If you ever lose your service manual just contact us we will send to you the service manual within 24 hours for free for lifetime.

You can save a lot of money by working on your own vehicle as mechanics charge a lot. Whatever you might need to fix, this Case Ih Farmall F-20 Tractor Manual workshop repair service manual is just what you need. You will have all the service and repair information you could ever need for your Case Ih Farmall F-20 Tractor Manual. It will help you fix every part of it. Anything can be fixed!
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