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Accelerated Language Learning
Teaching Method – Guided Imitation
This is the same method you used when growing up i.e. we learn to speak by listening to others speak and we then imitate what they say and use it in normal conversation.
The beauty of this method is you quickly develop confidence in the language and automatically develop perfect pronunciation with a natural accent without conscious effort. By repeating the words as they are formed in normal everyday sentences you start to think in a foreign language.
Flexible Format
Interactive Audio (MP3) and printable Workbook (PDF)  - designed to be used anywhere that suits you; so if working on your computer suits you best then it is perfect for that, alternatively  transfer the Audio files to MP3 player such as iPod and listen on the move, or if your car stereo  plays MP3 files then listen and practice there. [The workbook can be printed out if need be. Please note the disk is not designed  to be played via a DVD player or standard home stereo]
Course Contents
1. Levantine Arabic Pronunciation Course
Audio: approx 9 Hours (MP3)
Student Manual: Approx 110 pages (PDF)
This Course is an introduction to the Arabic (Levantine) language. No previous knowledge of Arabic language is assumed. It will enable you to engage in conversational Arabic.
The course is structured so that each section builds on the previous one and you quickly get to grips with the conversational language.
Each Module has an accompanying Student Textbook (pdf) and Audio files (MP3).
"Levantine" Arabic in this course refers to a dialect of educated Palestinians who have been long-term residents of Beirut. This dialect is mutually intelligible with most urban dialects of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine.
Most of the problems (from a phonological point of view) that occur for English speakers in learning Levantine Arabic, also occur with other dialects, so this course is also useful for students of other Arabic dialects.
The course is designed to teach the student the phonological basics of Arabic and also to provide a structure so that the student has a good grasp of conversational Arabic
2. Eastern-Western Arabic
Also included are 2 booklets of over 100 pages (PDF document) that  are intended for students that have a good command of an Eastern Arabic dialect and who now wish to learn a dialect of Western Arabic.
The "base" Eastern dialect is Levantine and that is compared with the Moroccan dialect.
3. Classical Arabic - The Writing System
Three student volumes, approx 1,400 pages (PDF document)
Though there is considerable diversity of dialects in spoken Arabic, the written language is fairly standard 
with the differences falling into historical periods rather than geographical areas.
The emphasis in the Modern Written Arabic course is on reading modern printed Arabic.
However, before attempting this, it is necessary to learn the Arabic writing system and have reasonably accurate pronunciation.
The course provides spoken exercises in Arabic and the printed transcriptions that are essential to achieving mastery of the material.
Course Origin
Originally developed by the U.S. Government as a fast effective means to train their staff in a conversational language, this course has now been digitally re-mastered for modern technology. Original workbooks have been scanned to PDF format for flexibility and Audio tapes digitally transferred to MP3 format for use on Computers, MP3 players, iPods etc.
We have restored the quality as much is possible though it can vary from lesson to lesson so please bear that in mind when using your course.
System Requirements
Windows 95 
Windows 98
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7 
(Compatible with 32-bit or 64-bit machines)
PDF reader universally available for Free.