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This manual covers six vehicle models including Deer, Safe, Sailor, Sing, So Cool and Pegasus GREAT WALL GW4D28 2.8L Engine Manual is included Model GW 4D28 diesel engine Service Manual Maintenance documents Mechanical system 4D28 engine Fuel system Cooling...

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This manual covers six vehicle models including Deer, Safe, Sailor, Sing, So Cool and Pegasus 

GREAT WALL GW4D28 2.8L Engine Manual is included 

Model GW 4D28 diesel engine 
Service Manual 

Maintenance documents 
Mechanical system 
4D28 engine 
Fuel system 
Cooling system 
Starting system 
Charging device 
Exhaust system 

Model Gw4D28 diesel engine is developed based on natural air suction diesel engine model 4JB1 whose 
technology was introduced from Isuzu, Japan. 

To meet the requirement of the maintenance personnel, technical personnel and management personnel, GW4D28 Diesel Engine Service Manual is complied with technical documents up to minute after arrangement and induction. 


Part I is general introduction, which introduces the application index of this manual. 

Part II introduces the chassis system, which mainly includes the technologies of dismantle, inspection, 
adjustment, repairing, assembly and mount of the clutch, gear box, transfer box, drive shaft, suspension system and automobile axle, braking system and steering system, etc. each operation approach is illustrated with figure, which not only presents the maintenance procedure, but also clearly describes the technical requirements and 
application limit. 

Part III introduces the electric system and air-conditioning system of the automobile body, which mainly covers such items as the location and content of protective box, power supply system, starting system, lighting system, combination instrument, backup radar system, wiping and washing system, center control locking and power window system, acoustical equipment system, full wire harness and air-conditioning system, etc. Electricity diagrams for those electric systems are given in this manual so as to facilitate the maintaining technicians to find out the problem easily and quickly. 

Part IV introduces the external and internal body decoration, which mainly covers the dismantling, inspecting and assembling requirements of the engine cover, front and rear doors, adhesive strip of body collision avoidance, wheel shield, wrapping angle of wheel-shield and exterior trim panel, front and rear windshields, side-window glass, rear-door glass, rear platform of cargo compartment, rear door, instrument panel, safety belt, seat, tail-fin, luggage rack, and reserve tire bracket etc. The dimensions of vehicle body and frame are also given to maintaining staff for reference during their repairing.