Linde Container Handler Type 317: C80/3, C80/4, C80/5, C80/6 Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Linde Container Handler Type 317: C80/3, C80/4, C80/5, C80/6 Service Training (Workshop) Manual

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Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Container Handler Type 317.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

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Format: PDF, 191 Pages, Printable
Language: English


1. Diesel engine
1. 1 Engine specifications - C 80
1.2 Engine specifications - C 80 - option
1.3 Explanation of the engine number
1.4 Adjusting the valve clearance
1.5 Crank assembly
1.5.1 Checking and adjusting the alternator belt tension
1.6 Cylinder head
1.6.1 Removing the cylinder head
1.6.2 Installing the cylinder head
1.7 Installing the intake manifold
1.8 Installing the turbocharger
1.9 Engine timing and torque leadings
1.10 Injection nozzles
1.10.1 Injection nozzle malfunctions
1.10.2 Removing and installing the injection nozzle with tightening nut
1.10.3 Repairing the injection nozzles
1.10.4 Cross section of injection nozzle
1.10.5 Checking the injection nozzle opening pressure
1.10.6 Checking the injection nozzle for leaks
1.11 Removing and installing the fuel injection pump, version with timing pin
1.12 Mechanical cold start timing advance unit (KSB)
1.13 Fuel injection pump
1.14 Special tools
2. Hydrodynamic travel drive
2.1 Schematic diagram of the power train
2.2 Full view of power shift transmission
2.2.1 Power shift transmission type 13.6 HR 24315 and 12.7 HR 28337
2.2.2 Torque converter Purpose of the torque converter Basic design of the torque converter How a torque converter operates
2.2.3 The power shift transmission Clutch and gear arrangement Oil flow in the power shift transmission Oil flow path through the range selector Transmission dump system Upshift inhibitor
2.3 Troubleshooting
2.3.1 Pressure test and connections
2.3.2 Aids for measurements
2.3.3 CLARK power shift transmission 24000/28000 Pressure check points on 24000 power shift transmission Pressure check points on 28000 power shift transmission
2.4 Drive axle
2.4.1 Specifications for D 81 PL 478 - NLB
2.4.2 Axle drive settings
2.4.3 Torques for screws and nuts
2.4.4 Utilisation of liquid glue
2.4.5 Assembly of wheel side Assembly of wheel hub Assembly of ring gear Assembly of the face seal Installing the spacer Installing the wheel hub Adjusting the wheel bearings Adjusting the drive shaft end play Installing the planetary housing Repairing the planetary hub Axle drive Installing and adjusting the spiral bevel gear Adjusting the contact pattern Adjusting the spiral bevel gear taper roller bearing Assembly of differential Assembly of axle carrier Adjustment of contact pattern of Gleason type gear teeth
2.4.6 Special tools
3. Truck body
3.1 Cabin
3.1.1 Repairing the cabin glass pane
3.1.2 Repairing the cabin window pane (glass-to-glass)
3.1.3 Repairing the cabin window pane with aluminium frame (sliding window)
3.1.4 Repairing thr roof window without frame or channels
3.1.5 Cabin installation
4. Series 310 steering axle
4.1 Description
4.2 Explanation of the steer axle number
4.3 Stub axle
4.3.1 Removing the king pin
4.3.2 Installing and adjusting the swivel pin
4.4 Wheel hub
4.4.1 Adjusting the wheel bearing
4.5 Adjusting the inner steering stop
4.6 Adjusting the outer steering stop
4.7 Removing and installing the steering cylinder
4.8 Sealing the steering cylinder
5. Braking System
5.1. Braking system circuit diagram
5.1.1. Description of the Hydraulic Braking System
5.1.2. Schematic Diagram of the Braking System
5.2. Construction of the Wet Multi-Disc Brake
5.2.1. Checking the Wear of the Lining
5.2.2. Installation of the Piston Cups
5.2.3. Installation of the Piston into the Brake Anchor Plate
5.2.4. Checking the Air gap
5.2.5. Leakage Test Specification for the Hydraulic Braking System and the Cooling Oil Compartment
5.2.6. Final Assembly
5.2.7. Parking Brake
5.2.8. Mechanical Floating Caliper Disc Brake
5.2.9. Parking Brake Assembly
5.2.10. Replacement of the Brake Lining
5.2.11. Instructions for Assembly of the Disc Brake
5.2.12. Brake Disc
5.2.13. Accumulator charging valve Adjustment Instructions Fault remedy
6. Electrical system
6.1 Electric circuit wiring diagram
6.2 Relay box
7. Hydraulics
7.1 Functional description of the hydraulic system
7.2 Hydraulic diagram
8. Lift mast
8.1 Installation of mast and spreader
8.2 Adjusting the angle of tilt
8.3 Lift cylinder
8.3.1 Sealing the lift cylinder
8.4 Tilt cylinder
8.4.1 Sealing the tilt cylinder
8.5 Spreader
8.5.1 Valve block and hydraulic circuit diagram of spreader
8.5.2 Circuit diagram Spreader
8.5.3 A1 Box on Spreader
8.5.4 A2 Box on truck
10. Miscellaneous
10.2. General torques for series 317 trucks
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