FX Monetizer EA Robot and indicator (2 Years of Real Money

FX Monetizer EA Robot and indicator (2 Years of Real Money

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FX Monetizer is based on a volatility strategy. The key with any strategy is how the trades are managed and how risk is managed that is most fundamental to success. 

The volatility in the markets trigger trades, but the most important aspect of FX Monetizer that has allowed it to thrive in ever changing market conditions is the management of trades. 

Only one trade is allowed at a time. There is NO grid trading ever. There is NO martingale trading ever. And there is NO hedging ever. 


The stop loss that protects each of your trades are dynamic with market and changes depending on certain variables. Built in is a safety stop loss to limit max stops and to protect you if your computer or VPS goes down. 


You can gain up 200 pips profit and in some rare cases even more on one single trade. With the profit trailing system built into FX Monetizer profits are locked in while giving you a chance to make even more money on each and every trade.