Forex Trailingator Trading Tools

Forex Trailingator Trading Tools

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The main function of our Trailingator is to help you fix the profits at the most critical moment, while flawlessly performing it under any market conditions. 

This product was designed with professional Forex brokers in mind, but can be used by complete novices as well. 

Exclusively designed for highly effective manual trading, our new product allows you to stop worrying about Trailing Stop installation. 

Then ONE-TIME simple installation in the chart, with a few simple adjustments to it -- and that is all! From that point on your only concern is to open orders in a timely fashion. 

It works with ANY brokers, ANY timeframes, ANY pairs 
It DOESNT open orders automatically 
The FASTEST software that allows you control T.S. 
No need for any prior experience or knowledge how to tune it. 
100 FREE of risk 
No need for any special knowledge as a pre-requisite 
No other like it in the world 

Your entire interaction with it could be summarized in these 3 simple steps: 

◾ Step 1: You install Trailingator in a chart of a currency pair. 

◾ Step 2: You adjust 2 simple parameters: Trailing Stop and Trailing Step. 

◾ Step 3: At the critical moment you open an order.