Forex Trading technique is actually pretty simple effective

Forex Trading technique is actually pretty simple effective

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His trading technique is actually pretty simple. Remember, I said simple, not easy. They are two different things. Like with any good system, you do need to put the time in to learn the system and trade it correctly. 

He gives you a ton of tips and techniques that could only come from years of actual trading experience. Like any other strategy, I would recommend back testing it to get a feel for how it works. 

Trading courses in general can be really dry but he injects his own brand of humor into the videos, making them easy to watch. 

Here is the breakdown of the chapters: 
Chapter 1 Searching for Trading Setups (avi.rar) 
Chapter 2 Price Pattern Breakouts ( avi.rar) 
Chapter 3 Swing Trading (avi.rar) 
Chapter 4 Price Targets and Stop Losses (avi.rar) 
Chapter 5 Blending Technicals and Fundamentals (avi.rar) 
Chapter 6 Trade Management 
Chapter 7 The London Open Breakout Technique (avi.rar 
Chapter 8 My Golden Rules of Sensible Trading (avi.rar) 

Package contain: 

- 8 full chapters (2GB video and PDF files)  Please email at and we will provide you with the any manual you need right away. We are constantly updating the site with new stock but we have much more than available in the website.