Forex Highly profitable and simple strategy

Forex Highly profitable and simple strategy

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here are 1000s trading strategies, many of them are complex, have many filters and most of the strategies ends up being inefficient (generating too little signals and false signals). But this forex trading system is one of the few which a truly profitable - you will see it yourself. 

ASK YOURSELF: how many different trading systems, strategies and indicators do you need? Why other sellers sell tons of different stuff and claim that each is the best? 

After 5 years of trading i can tell you, you will just profitable on the higher Timeframes like H1 ect. 

But you can trade this version of my system on ALL Timeframes. 

Just follow the blue/red -line. 

Blue over red = just buy 

Red over blue = just sell 

For buy, stoch need to come from 20level 

For sell, stoch need to come from 80level 

And now look for the cross from the winner indicator. 

Easy, isnt? 

Exit lies on your hand. I am really not more willing to babysit on every buyer, when you want to make money on forex, you also use your brain. 
Just an idea for exit. 

For buy, exit when stoch reach 80level 

For sell, exit when stoch reach 20level 

Use hard tp. Example for M5= 10-20 pips , M15= 20-40 pips etc. etc. etc. etc 

Or use Daily-pivots. 

or or or or or... use your brain. 

Stop Loss, also it lies in your hand. 

Its from pair to pair different and i am not willing to check every pair. 

You can use the last High/Low or hard SL. 

Check the pair which you want to trade and the TimeFrame and choice the way to set SL and TP. 
When you want to trade M5 or M15, look on the H1 and/or H4 chart for the direction, look at the stoch, is there more room for you to trade. 

When you want to go safe, trade h1. 

There are lots of pairs, which you can trade, and i am more then 100 sure that you will able to get every day 50 pips when you look on the H1 chart. 

I will send you my Winner Indicator and the Template, which you just to put in your mt4 folder and after you choice your pair which you want to trade, you need just to load the template on your chart. 

You will be able to start testing and trading just in several minutes. 
How you enter, i type it above. Just read, and make Backtesting, find the right pair for you and the right timeframe. 

Happy Pipping!!!  Please email at and we will provide you with the any manual you need right away. We are constantly updating the site with new stock but we have much more than available in the website.